Today, 75% of us shop online and more than a quarter do so at least once a week, with Britons spending £91 billion a year on the internet. But the online shopping revolution has had a huge impact on our high streets. While internet giants like Amazon and Asos have become household names, 12% of our shops lie empty and a series of famous stores, like Woolworths and Comet, have gone. It is finally time to rethink the current retail experience. Our design for Sandbox builds upon these changes and proposed a Store as the final playful destination...

'Studio ID was very enthusiastic about the vision and story of Sandbox - it was out of the box thinking, they fully understood the vision and made it come alive with their own unique thoughts, not just in terms of design, but brand, techniques and even with flexible structures - which was over and beyond the brief. From day one they were open to on the ground research and brought in an understanding of how technology could work with design and structure. The visual renderings evoked the space in a way a new novel concept could be easily understood and appreciated by all our project stakeholders. Studio ID has a very dynamic and novel approach and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them.'


Rajdeep Gahir



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