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In this project the client was a young single professional man, who wanted to live in calm, slightly industrial stylish space with masculine vibe.We worked with dark walls in combination with natural materials and brass details. We wanted to create cosy, alluring and restful atmosphere.
Though it might seem counterintuitive, dark walls, when done right, can actually make a small room appear larger. That’s because dark
colors visually recede, fooling the eyes into seeing the walls as further away than they really are. The drama of deep colour also creates a fantastically cocooning effect. create some
 We've bring the ‘wow’ effect to the guest bedroom by mural wallpaper, which is also a great way how to add a visual depth to the room and create strong character and atmospehere.

In the living room we used a rich, warm light-grey wallpaper to match with the color of the kitchen units. It adds warmth and works great with hanging plants. Leather sofa and wooden furniture bring a splash of earthy colors to the space, while black steel coffee table and shelf on the walls create contrast and industrial vibe.
Sheepskin cushion and large cowhide together with curtains add a softness and cosy atmosphere. All lights are famous midecntury designs from Serge Mouille - matching the lighting in the guest bedroom.

'Worked with Studio ID on the design for my apartment in London and they did a phenomenal job. They were responsive and very creative with their approach. They were also patient and I’m impressed with how everything has turned out. I have already recommended Studio ID to my friends. Thanks!'


Kamal Abdulrazaq

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