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Our main inspiration for MORI was the Japanese culture (traditional Japanese cuisine, art and theater), combined with the harmony of nature and the contemporary Japanese minimalism. The history of sushi, one of the most popular dishes of Japanese cuisine, dates back to the ancient times and represent an integral part of the culture today. Not only the process of preparation, also the serving and its consumption can be seen as a sort of art, or even theatrical act itself. This idea has infuenced our design proposal - the pure minimalist style allows the specialties served to attract all the attention. While the main chef is preparing the dishes for the customers, he turns into the main actor on the stage, and the cutomers suddently become the audience, watching with bated breath the culinary arts’ master in action. We tried to intensify this experience with the play of light.

The Material solution is based on the traditional Japanese architecture, where the wood has always represented the primary building material. ‘Shoji’ is in traditional Japanese architecture a door, window or room divider, commonly used for tea ceremonies, religious events and outdoor processions. The proposed wooden slats partitions are representing a metamorphic reinterpretation of these, and by dividing the whole space into several zones, they create different levels of privacy within the space, and a playful game with the different vistas. Mori means forest, and therefore the main feature of the restaurant is the tree, the symbol of perfection, completeness, and harmony, which brings a sense of conformity to the entire restaurant area.

'It was a pleasure to work with Studio Identity Design on this project in Brno. As an owner of a Korean-Japanese restaurant in Europe, I was a bit nervous with regard to the outcome of the design - in terms of keeping in line with Asian culture. However, I was wonderfully surprised with the final result. Studio ID exceeded my expectations - the design and the realization of their concept not only fits what 'Mori' stands for, but has brought the restaurant to life. I am truly content with their hard work and hope to collaborate with Studio ID again in the future.'


Euntaek Kim

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