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Molierstore is a young, grassroots Czech brand selling men’s clothes. When we were approached by the unconventional investor he persisted that his first store would rethink the way fashion stores work today. Our approach was to create an interactive space and turn shopping into a social event, resulting in customers not only leaving with a piece of new clothes but also a fun experience. 


The proposed concept was strongly affected by the existing spatial qualities of the store, where the floor area takes only 30 sqm, however vertically space features double-height space. For those reasons, we tried to create a store, which would work vertically as much as horizontally. 


Molierstore doesn’t operate as a regular store. It is a hybrid between a store and an art gallery, where all the items on the walls are showcased to the customers in frames, who then ask for the right size. While trying the clothes, the store offers all sorts of different beverages to ensure the customers have all they need.

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