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Hotel Toman is a part of a larger scheme development. Studio Identity Design has been invited to transform a formerly vacant building, which is situated in the very heart of the city of Brno, into an experiential Hotel and a Beerhouse.


The overall idea behind this scheme was to create a building, which will allow its future visitors to experience various of different layers the city of Brno. Each floor of the hotel therefore carries a different theme, which is reflected in the design of the given floors. (These include themes such as: Moto GP, Villa Tugendhat, the prison theme, or the Spa theme, which even feature a private sauna...)


The Beerhouse then represent a place, where all these different themes merge in one, and allow the users to experience Brno in all it's beauty at once.


Not only have we designed all the hotel rooms and amenity spaces, Studio Identity Design also stands behind the overall branding. (From the beer packaging, to the menu cards, we tried to keep the consistency to maximize the end user experience.

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