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You might have noticed lately the current revival of cane furniture. Cane is a material coming from rattan (the outer stalk), from the palm family. There are different techniques when it comes to furniture made of rattan, caning, and wicker are among the most popular. These techniques have been around for a long time, and cane furniture keeps coming back on-trend. (For a reason!) It was particularly popular during the 1660s, due to the booming trade between Europe and Asia. The second wave was throughout the Victorian era when the rattan furniture has been seen as more hygienic than upholstered furniture. It then became a hit again in the 1950s’ - think Pierre Jeanneret Chair (a link worth reading, this is Studio ID's forever favourite piece of furniture!), through to 1970s’ - think Peacock Chair.

The current obsession with this natural, lightweight, organic material could be linked to its sustainable qualities, as today we are becoming increasingly more conscious of our environment and the effect we have on it. Additionally, today, people appreciate the hand-made furniture craft, more than ever before.

At Studio Identity Design we love the vintage vibe the cane furniture textures give to space. In its natural organic state rattan works really well with neutral, earthy palettes - think natural woods, sisal, linen, cotton, or wool. Our favorite combination is supplementing the cane furniture with mid-century pieces, or beachy and palmy accents. But the material is so versatile, it can work within almost any context, from bohemian decor to Scandinavian minimalism.

Studio Identity Design has curated a selection of rattan items for you. (All items are linked to the retailer's websites)

So whether you want to fit out your entire home in cane, or you just want a subtle accent, these are some of the cane pieces, we love:

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