As soon as we were approached by the client in regards to the opportunity to design the 3F by Mori Bistro, we got immediately excited, mainly due to the rich heritage of the proposed site. The Alfa Palace, where the bistro is located was in the 1930s' designed by one of the key Czech Modernist Architect - Bohuslav Fuchs. With all the respect towards the heritage and history of the site, we have decided to come up with a very minimal design of maximal functionality. 

Today, the passage in Alfa Palace is a very frequent place, where hundreds of people pass by every day. Bistro 3F has been therefore designed as a calm oasis in the center of Brno, allowing its visitors to stop for a moment and enjoy their coffee/lunch/dinner throughout the day. We tried to achieve this by using predominantly natural materials, such as wood or cork, by filling up the space with greenery, as well as by allowing the maximum of natural light coming into the space. The wooden slats then reflect the already existing identity of Mori Restaurant and Mori Lounge.



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